Best WP Rocket Settings A Premium Trick For WordPress Website

A step-by-step guide for best WP Rocket settings for the WordPress website speed. Slow website speed can produce higher bounce rate, low conversion rates and poor SERP rankings. WP Rocket is a powerful caching plugin that helps to boost your WordPress website speed. If you want to get the full performance out of WP Rocket, you need to configure it properly, wrong configuration can break your website.

Configuring The Best WP Rocket WordPress Settings:

Before we deep dive into the best WP Rocket settings, it’s important to understand the different settings available. WP Rocket provides a long list of settings that can be optimized to improve WordPress speed. These settings include general settings, cache settings, file optimization settings, media settings, preload settings, advanced rules, database settings, CDNs and Cloudflare.


Install Wp Rocket & activate it. Don’t enable rocket analytics just dismiss the notice. Now open wp rocket settings and click on cache settings, check / enable all options and put “0” in hours box. click on save changes

Wp Rocket Cache Settings

The cache settings are the heart of WP Rocket. These settings allow you to configure how long different types of content are cached, how often the cache is cleared, and how much disk space is allocated for caching.

Step 2:

Open File Optimization Settings, Check Minify CSS Files, Optimize CSS Delivery & Select Remove Unused CSS, Check Minify JavaScript files, load JavaScript deferred. Leave other to their default settings and click on Save Changes.

WP Rocket File Optimization

The file optimization settings allow you to optimize different types of files for faster loading times. These files include CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files. WP Rocket also removes unnecessary white space, comments, combine files and minify files.

Step 3:

Open Media Settings and check all options.

WP Rocket Media Settings

The media settings are useful for websites with lots of images. These settings allow you to lazy load images, optimize image sizes, and defer off-screen images. WP Rocket has an option for lazy loading images and YouTube videos, which can improve website speed.

Step 4:

Open PRELOAD settings and just Check Activate Preloading. Don’t check other settings if you are using only One Font Family then copy the font file location and paste into the font preload box otherwise leave it blank. Click on Save Changes.

WP Rocket Preload Settings

The preload settings are used to create a cache for your website pages in advance, so they load faster when visitors access them. These settings allow you to configure how often the cache is preloaded, how many pages are preloaded, and how often the preloading is refreshed.

Step 5:

Open Advanced Rules Tab. Put these codes in Never Cache URL(s) Box. If you any other special page or post url that you don’t want to be cached, you can put in this box. Don’t put any Woocommerce URL, WP Rocket auto cares the Woocoomerce Store. Now Save Changes.

Wp Rocket Advance Rules

The advanced rules provide more control over caching. These settings allow you to exclude specific pages, files, or user agents from caching. You can also create custom cache expiration times for specific pages or files.

Step 6:

Open DATABASE Tab. Check all Settings and Select Weekly Frequency to optimize DataBase. Save Changes.

Wp Rocket Database Settings

The database settings allow you to optimize your WordPress database for improved website speed. These settings include cleaning up post revisions, spam comments, and trashed content. Note if you have any pending post, comment or any settings that will be cleared, so do it carefully.

Step 7:

Open ADDONS settings and Turn ON WebP Compatibility and Cloudflare. If you using Varnish and Sucuri turn on also otherwise keep it Off. Save Changes.

WP Rocket Addon Settings

Now Open Cloudflare Settings and Put Your Global Api Key, Account Email and Zone ID. Turn On Relative protocol option. Save Changes.

Wp Rocket CDN Settings

How To Configure Cloudflare CDN and Get Global API & ZONE ID Click Here
Finally, WP Rocket provides integration with CDNs and Cloudflare. CDNs help to distribute content to different servers worldwide, while Cloudflare provides security and performance enhancements. WP Rocket allows you to configure these services easily, improving your website speed and security.

Step 8:

Open Tool Tab. Click on Optimize Google Fonts and Save Changes. That’s it you have configured Wp Rocket for your WordPress to optimize the speed and performance. For Image Optimization you can use free websites like CLOUDCONVERT and PIXELiED. Both Websites support batch converting. Select any image and convert it to .webp select 70% at compression level. Webp format is now recommended by Google.

Bonus: Best Object Cache Pro Settings for WordPress

Object Cache WordPress is a caching mechanism that stores frequently used data objects in memory, reducing the number of database queries required to load a page. This can significantly improve your site’s speed and performance, especially if you have a lot of traffic or use complex plugins. You won’t notice any difference if you have lower traffic. Other cache plugins store cache at disk level, while Object Cache store data in RAM. RAM is a lot faster than any present SSD or HDD.

Object cache stores only database queries and reduce the number of requests on server. It can easily deliver 100k+ queries requests per second. In this article we will provide you an easy and step by step guide to configure Object Cache Pro.

Step 1:

first of all Enable Redis Cache Server on your hosting from CPanel. Copy the details by your provider e.g Server host / ip address, port and password. Some hostings don’t give password so don’t worry they are password less.

Redis Server

Step 2:

go to your file manager open wp-config.php and add these codes at the beginning. if you don’t have password then remove password line from the code.

//Start Wp Redis Config By GadgetGazette
define('WP_REDIS_CONFIG', [
'token' => '@Y:R;Vl^W9wDY[;,6s]aSF2YZ-qzKbj%@7S9-kf@U)HZ^5Tr)A*F9hDjoFl5',
'host' => '',
'password' => 'kk58fcRi8dlDf96pHan7i2IpXG9u4h0n',
'port' => 43433,
'database' => 1, // change for each site
'maxttl' => 3600 * 24 * 7, // 7 days
'timeout' => 0.5,
'read_timeout' => 0.5,
'split_alloptions' => true,
'debug' => false,
define('WP_REDIS_DISABLED', false);

check picture below for clarification

WP COnfig Redis Cache

Step 3:

download and install Object Cache Pro plugin and activate it. Then simply just click on enable.

Object Cache Pro Enable
Object Cache Pro Status

Object Cache Pro is enabled now. If you want to clear cache just click on flush cache. Note if you are using LiteSpeed Cache plugin that you don’t need this plugin or any Object Cache configuration. LiteSpeed Cache supports both Mem and Redis Server just put your details on LS Cache plugins.

Other Parts of Guide to Optimize WordPress Speed

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WP Rocket is a powerful caching plugin that can significantly boost website speed. However, to get the most out of WP Rocket, you need to configure it properly. By understanding the different settings available and following our step-by-step guide, you can boost your WordPress for maximum speed. Remember to regularly test your website speed and make adjustments as necessary. With the right WP Rocket settings, you can provide your website visitors with a lightning-fast website experience that keeps them coming back for more.


Can I use Wp Rocket with Other Cache Plugins?

No you can’t use Wp Rocket with other cache Plugins, just use one. However, you can use it with WP Super Page Cache for Cloudflare and it is recommended.

Will my website data will be deleted?

Wp Rocket has nothing to do with your website data.

Does WP Rocket work with all themes and hosting?

It works with all themes and hosting. May be there is 2% chances that some themes will break.

Which is Better Wp Rocket or LiteSpeed Cache?

LiteSpeed Cache is better and it’s free. LS Cache has lot of options to configure. Wp Rocket is paid and it provides easy configuration. However, LS Cache don’t work with all hosting and themes. So first try LS cache if fails then go for Wp Rocket.

Where from we get Free Wp Rocket and Object Cache Pro?

you can comment here or email us to get Free Wp Rocket and Object Cache Pro under GPL.

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