Best Guide to learn free Cloudflare APO for WordPress in just 5 simple steps

You are running a website on WordPress, the most important point is to have a fast and reliable website. Slow loading pages can de-rank your SERP rankings and turn away engaged visitors. Super Page Cache plugin offers a free solution with their Cloudflare APO for WordPress. In this article, we’ll setup all required configuration of Cloudflare APO with free plugin Super Page Cache for Cloudflare that will significantly improve your WordPress performance, speed, structure and loading time.

This article is the last part of our Guide Speed Up Your Slow WordPress Website. We advice you to check the all detailed guides for WordPress Speed Optimization one by one and choose the best one that fit your server techniques and Website.

Topics on: how to speed up Your Slow WordPress website.

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Requirements for Cloudflare APO for WordPress

We don’t need a genie to configure Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress. We just need a free Cloudflare CDN account and a plugin “Super Page Cache for Cloudflare“.

A Free CDN Cloudflare WordPress

We have uploaded a detailed guide for setting up a free cdn cloudflare for wordpress, where you can learn to integrate any website and speed up to 20x faster than before. Click Here to check detailed guide for Cloudflare free CDN.

Super Page Cache for Cloudflare

Download this free magical plugin. Install and activate it from official page. Click here to download or search Super Page Cache for Cloudflare.

super page cache for cloudflare, Cloudflare apo for wordpress

Step 1: Super Page Cache General Settings

Open Super Page Cache General settings and put your Cloudflare Global API key and email address then update settings and select your domain, again click on update settings. How to get Cloudflare Global API key for your domain click here.

Super Page Cache for Cloudflare General Settings

Step 2: Super Page Cache Cache Settings

Open Cache tab from Super Page Cache settings. In the section “CACHE BEHAVIOR SETTINGS” put the below code in “Prevent the following URIs to be cached” box. Do other settings same as shown in the picture below. Enable Fallback Cache set to yes necessary option to outperform your WordPress performance. It’s important to disable other cache plugins Cache options only. Like WP Rocket or LiteSpeed Cache. Open Wp Rocket settings, open cache tab and uncheck all cache options only, don’t change other optimization settings.

Super Page Cache for Cloudflare Cache Settings

Step 3: Super Page Cache Advanced Settings

Open advanced settings tab and disable preloader. If you are using varnish then enable varnish support otherwise disable. In Other settings section select yes for both as shown in picture and update settings.

Cloudflare apo for wordpress advanced settings

Step 4: Super Page Cache Third Party Settings

Open Super Page Cache for Cloudflare third party tab. Leave all to the recommended settings. If you are using any other cache plugin , it will auto give you option to disable that plugin’s cache settings only. In my case i’m using Wp Rocket so I will choose “Yes” in “Disable WP Rocket page cache” box as shown in the below picture.

Super Page Cache for Cloudflare Third Party

Now come to your other cache plugin settings and disable on cache settings don’t change other options like file optimization, database optimization etc. It’s important and recommended to disable other plugin’s cache options. In my case I’m using WP Rocket so i will disable cache options only check the image below for clarification.

WP Rocket Disable Cache Settings Only

Step 5: Final Step to Test Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress

Click on Test Cache button to check whether automatic platform optimization for WordPress is working or not. If Super Page Cache shows “Page Cache is not working for your domain” then it means you have miss configured something or you have not disabled other plugin’s cache options. Double check that you have enabled fallback cache option of this plugin and disabled other plugin’s cache options. Else it will show “Page Cache is Working Properly“. That’s it enjoy the game of WordPress Optimization.

Test Super Page Cache For CloudFlare

What is Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress?

Cloudflare APO for WordPress is a service that caches your WordPress site content and delivers it from Cloudflare’s global network. This service is highly recommended to improve the performance of WordPress sites by reducing server response time and improving page loading times.

APO uses a proprietary caching mechanism that stores both dynamic & static contents, such as PHP responses, CSS and JS files in the Cloudflare cache. This means that when a visitor wants to accesses your website, the content is delivered from the nearest Cloudflare Edge server, reducing the time it takes for the content to reach the visitor’s device.

How does Cloudflare APO work?

  1. Cloudflare caches your WordPress site content on their servers.
  2. When a visitor accesses your site, Cloudflare delivers the cached content from the nearest server.
  3. Cloudflare automatically updates the cached content when you make changes to your site, ensuring that visitors always see the latest version of your site.
  4. CLoudflare APO uses brotli compression method to reduce the size of your Website Pages.
  5. Cloudflare optimizes your site content for delivery to visitors, using techniques like CSS minification and JavaScript minification to reduce page load times.

Benefits of Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress:

  1. Improved page loading times: Cloudflare APO reduces the time it takes for your website content to reach visitors, resulting in faster loading times.
  2. Reduced server load: By caching your website content on Cloudflare’s servers, Cloudflare APO reduces the load on your WordPress site’s server, improving its performance.
  3. Better search engine rankings: Google and other search engines take website speed into account when ranking search results. By improving your website’s performance with Cloudflare APO, you may see an improvement in your search engine rankings.
  4. Improved user experience: Faster loading times and better performance lead to a better user experience for your visitors.


Does Cloudflare APO work with all WordPress sites?

No, Cloudflare APO is only compatible with self-hosted WordPress sites, not sites hosted on WordPress.com.

How much does Cloudflare APO cost?

Cloudflare APO is included in Cloudflare’s Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. If you’re on the Free plan, you can also use it with Super Page Cache For Cloudflare.

How much of a performance improvement can I expect with Cloudflare APO?

The performance improvement you’ll see with Cloudflare APO will depend on factors like your site’s current performance and the location of your visitors. In general, you can expect to see a noticeable improvement in page loading times and server response times.

Why choose Super Page Cache for Cloudflare?

In terms of Cloudflare APO for WordPress, there is no free plugin that supports Cloudflare APO. To take all advantages of Free Clouflare CDN package we have chosen Super Page Cache for Cloudflare plugin as it provides out of the box performance for free.


Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress is an excellent solution for website owners who want to improve their website’s performance and speed. Cloudflare APO delivers better user experience for your visitors. Enabling Cloudflare APO for your WordPress site is a straightforward process, and it can be done quickly and easily with Super Page Cache for Cloudflare plugin. If you’re not already using Cloudflare, signing up for a Cloudflare account and adding your WordPress site is also a simple process.

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